Focus Industry

  1. Real Estate Legal Consultancy

This has been the core business of our law firm since its inception in 2003. We endeavor to deliver to our real estate clientele ranging from developers, investors, individual buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants to management companies with quality and timely legal services along the whole real estate value-chain in the most cost-effective way. Indeed, we have successfully handled several residential/commercial development projects in Nairobi, Nakuru, Machakos and Eldoret (on-going) from ground-breaking to handing-over. The real estate legal consultancy services include: –

  • Pre-Development/Investment Due Diligence: Land Searches, Survey Maps, Site Visits and General Verification of Key Documents (Title/ID/KRA PINs/CR12 etc.)
  • Statutory Compliance Matters: Land Rent & Rates Clearance, Physical File Perusals
  • Advising on Project Financing
  • Liaison with Project Manager

The actual Conveyancing Cycle Services proceeds as follows:

  • Client Data Capture
  • Preparation of Letters of Offer & Property Sale Agreements
  • Verification, Proper Valuation/Assessment, Consent to Transfer
  • Preparation and Execution of Transfer Documents
  • Execution of Leases/Transfers, Endorsement, Stamp-Duty Assessment, Franking and Registration
  • For properties purchased with mortgages: obtaining facility letter from the relevant bank, professional undertaking from bank lawyers, preparation of charge documents by bank lawyers, franking of the charge and simultaneous registration with the transfer, lease and sale agreement.
  • Handing over: delivery of completion documents and updating the management company’s shareholding due to reversionary interest matters.

Post-development matters-

  • Project Report
  • Routine Statutory Compliance