Index Registrars

We have an in-house affiliate company, Index Registrars Limited, (iRL) that handles most of the company secretarial work for the law firm and other support services for its clients.

Secretarial services offered by our affiliate (iRL) are:

  • Name Searches/Reservations
  • Business/Company Registrations,
  • Filing Annual/Interim Company returns,
  • Lodging Changes in a Business/Company e.g. particulars of name, location, address, shareholding, directorship, capital structure, winding-up etc.,
  • Linking of old companies to the eCitizen platform,
  • Due Diligence for 3rd parties e.g. Official Searches (CR12/ CR13),
  • Verification of National IDs, PIN etc
  • KRA PIN/NHIF/NSSF Registration
  • Safe Custody of Company Seals and other Key Business Documents,
  • Immigration Services on behalf of our clients: Passport/eVISA, Work Permits and Special Passes Applications and Renewals.
  • CRB Status Reports, Regularization and Clearance.

Functionally, Index Registrars Limited supports the Corporate Law department of the law firm. Corporate law involves legal issues relating to the entire life-cycle of corporate entities from:

  • their formation,
  • any subsequent changes in their internal structure (membership, directorship or capital, memorandum/articles of association) or
  • external form e.g. conversions from private to public companies, amalgamations, mergers, acquisitions and listing, to liquidation.

This is largely governed by The Companies Act of 2015.